Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hi guys, well heres another one, this one I did thinking in one of my neighbors that likes bright colours and cartoons.  This is very simple basic cardstock and even though I dont use rub-ons or stickers much or at all, I saw these rub-ons and couldn't resist, so here I broke my law, lol, hope you like!!!!


I have this glitter thats like in big flakes, I saw it in the store dirt cheap and brought it not knowing what to do with it because I always use the fine powder glitter.  This was the perfect opportunity for it.  I imagined how it would come out and just that on the with paper with the snow man it looks just snow, winner, lol, placed it in strategic places and there you go.  Glitter can go a long way!!!


With the rub-on's I just placed them in different places and at the edges of the card stock I used some distress ink from Tim Holtz, this one is broken china and lightly distressed the blue and white card stock.  Tip, distressing the edges with ink is a good way to breakup lines so it won't look so rough, inking the edges tends to softed the appearnce, well depending on how strong you do it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Hi guys, well here is another one. Very simple I took red and green card stock and layered them.  Then on the top layer under the design I did some tearing to mix it up.  Took the 12x12 christmas paper where I cut out the santa image and did the same to some other designs on the paper to do some sticker like embellies to the card.  Tip, cutting out details from a printed paper framing the cut out and using dimentional dots make a great way to do your own sticker with the motive of the design.  Hope you like, bye!!!!


Heres a pic of what I did with the cut outs of the 12x12 christmas paper and the tearing I did to the cardstock.  Tip, tearing is a good idea if you are layering alot and want to sort of vary it up and take a little of the monatany away for it (the straight lines).  To make the sticker like cut out pop out even more I put on some dimentional dot.


I took the print details on the 12x12 paper and cut them out to make sticker like details on the card, then just put card stock behind it to give it a framed look.  In this picture I put some glitter glue on it to make it sort of stand out.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Hi, I did this card before the "NAVIDA" one, just forgot to put it, lol.  Well this is pretty straight forward here I, like in almost all my cards layered and then, put on a ribbon across it and the poinsetta is from a printed 12x12 paper that I cut out, they tell me it looks like a sticker, but no, its just a good steady hand and sharp small sissors, also did some distressing on the edges of the top two layers and glued it all down, Hope you like it, any question, just texted, bye!!!