Saturday, October 31, 2009

Title: "NAVIDA"

This is my second christmas card, navidad means christmas in spanish, little mistake in spacing and its is supposed to be spelled navidad, with a d but ran out of space so its now navida, lol, I hope who I decide to give it to wont noticed, Ill just make sure not to give it to my nieghbor thats a teacher, lol. Here simple layering on the printed top layer card I concurved cut the edges and put a ribbon to it going across, then put on my favorite the chipboard letters and then just stickered on the rest of the word, mind you always measure first before starting to glue down or put down permanently, then your word could be short a couple of letters, lol. In the flowers I just layered two painted them and put a jeweled brad in the middle, I know its red and sort of stands out, but for me christmas cards should always have some red in them, even if its just a speck, take care, bye!!!

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