Friday, May 28, 2010


Hi, thanks for stoppin by, well, this was so simple to do, modesty aside, lol, really, I wanted to do a lo with this pic of my wonderful little neighbor, but I alway get stumped on masculine lo, but this just click on after the other. I started with the blue background pp, that looks like old jeans and I thought wow it goes great with the blue in the pic, so then I brought about a month ago a nice sort of pirate treasure map pp for boys. I love the vintage style of it and didnt think I'd even use it for kid, the paper is from "Sandylion" and its called "treasure map", aww, its so great, it can work for anything.  So I inked the edges with distress ink matted on some gray and blue checker board style pp and did the same for the pic.  Then the dilema was should I use flower on the boy lo or not, back and fourth untill I said "aww heck" lets do it, so instead of using pinks and purples I used yellow and green from the wonder line of "Smooches" those sprays are WONDERFUL, I'm so addicted, thats why I try to always buy my flowers plain white so I can give it my style. The title is from the cricut cartridge "Home Decor" wonderful cartridge, must have. The mask of course is from Tim Holtz, and just took a cosmetic sponge, bent it all up in my hands untill I made a sort of ball shape at the tip of my fingers and with some distress ink Saphire chipped, I dabbed away, lol.  People ask me if its misting and no, I dont mist with my masks because I could never get the controll I get with the sponge. Hats off to those who can mist with the mask, could never mange it, lol, clumpsy I guess. Oh almost forgot, yes the twine, I couldnt find a ribbon masculine enough for the tag in the middle so I thought "twine" it is, some I had left over from a beading project (I always recycle when I can) just did, oh about six to seven eight inch turns, cut the ends and with some real small gauge wire, I twisted it untill I achieved that sort of palm tree look, hope it worked out. Since the theme was sort of a jungle adventure typel, thought it be nice to stick it in.

TIP; Twine works great in nautical and masculine layouts, just give it that rough textured effect.

Any doubts or questions just leave a message, thanks again for stoppin by, bye!!!

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