Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hi, well like a wrote this was a labor of love, I tried to keep this layout a little more tame, lol, lately my lo's are a little over the top.  This is my little cousin (my cousins son) Angel Yamil and I just thought this pic of him was to adorable to let go.  I always try to either get my colour scheme from the colours in the picture or the total opposite, use all the contrary colours, so even though I never like to use dark colours for kids lo's or vintage, I just couldn't resist, so I used the red, black and white from the baby's clothes. 

Well to brake up the dark of the black I used some white chalk ink with Tim Holtz masks of the gears and the compass, to give it that extra something, spark I did some journaling with a white journaling pen, I think it did the trick, give it a sort of extra dimension.  I you want to give it some more feel when your doing masking in a row like here make the first one on top slightly lighter from the next one, with the bottom one being darker, it will give you a sense of depth also. Here the flash just doesn't let you appreciate it much, but it works great, thats a painting tip I use for when I draw and paint, hehehehe. Next the title was a thinking process that stumped me for a while I wanted to do the name of the baby in a mask like affect, but didnt have any masks of letters and let alone that size, so, whala, I just took the same black background paper, cut out the letters on my cricut (used george basic shapes) and inked the edges with the same ink as for the masking and the little stamp of the bicycle at the bottom, chalk inks are good for dark papers like this, really shows up. Well the rest is pretty straight foward, but any doubts or question feel free to email me or leave me a comment.

Thanks for stoppin by and lookin, lol, take care, bye!!!

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