Sunday, January 24, 2010


Hi, I love the colours here, there so what I like doing, since the background of the pics is the kids backyard, I thought earthtones are the best bet. Here I did for the first time resist inking, which is nothing more than embossing in clear powder your image and then inking on and around it, then wipping away with a clean paper towel.  The embossed part with wipe clear and the image with show along with the paper under the embossed image. Follow this link it will show you how to do this tecnique. You can see it here under the title, the leaves were done with the clear embossing powder.  I did alot of stamping but I thought that black would make a good contrast colour to set the brown back a bit.  Like always layer, layer, layer, it just give it so much more detail to what you do.
TIP, clear stamps and stamps in general are such a great investment, not only can you use them over and over again, but with different coloured inks and dyes the possibilities are endless.  Apart that you can also emboss with them and watermark. When your looking at your lo and just don't know what to do in that little corner or that awkard space between something, get out your stamps, chances are theres just what you needed.  It worked for me here!!!!

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